New Work: the Corset Light

first finished line of work for the Open Parenthesis label I’ve completed since my spring graduation. Here for your viewing pleasure, the ‘Corset light’
ImageMade from Corrugated plastic and zip ties on a wooden base, an idea I first started toying with during a group humanitarian project making lightweight flat pack shelving for under equipped libraries in gambia. I liked my idea of using the zip ties so much I couldn’t let it sit with that project, so now after some time kicking the idea around I’ve brought it back with these table lamps. typically regarded as a solely utilitarian product, the zip ties here are not only fasteners but a key design element.Image
the light diffused through the semi-opaque plastic creates a subtle atmospheric light while highlighting the linear patterns of the plastic’s corrugation.
made in multiple sizes, both with 10in. bases, large comes to about 27in. and the medium about 24in.
Soon to come out with a pendent light version as well, so look forward to that too!

Since their trial run at the 2012 MCAD art sale went well the next step is to find a gallery to sell them in, or if that fails, onward to Etsy or other online sales. Although first I might need to reshoot the photos, since they look ever so slightly out of focus. They could probably benefit from some color correction too, but I don’t have access to good photo editing software now that I’m out of college. Ah well, I think these photos are alright for the time being.

Hope you like the pieces. until next time take care,
-Ian Nystrom

About inystrom

Artist, designer, sculptor, builder.
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