Work on sale via BLCA Holiday market!

I’ve got Magnet art, new holiday ornaments, and even some small dimension works aavailable for purchase online at the Banfill-Locke Holiday Market alongside work from other fantastic local artists.
Support local artists and an amazing community organization while getting your holiday shopping taken care of.
Online Nov. 28 – Dec. 18

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New items on Ornaments and Accessories page

I’ve just completed a new set of spookily seasonal Halloween magnet designs inspired by classic movie monsters, all of which are available for purchase from my etsy page

You can see these and the rest of my ornaments and magnets on the page here

Coming soon (uh, hopefully)- listings for ornament and keychain versions of these designs.

Thanks for stopping by the page and take care all until next time
-Ian Nystrom

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Just writing a little something to let anyone stopping by the site know I’m still alive and still making stuff, even if it isn’t evident from my web presence.
2020 has been some year, right?

I haven’t posted many new things largely because I have been working on a single large sculptural project that will hopefully be ready to unveil this fall, and I will post more details when they become available.

In the meantime I once again have work in the annual members show at the lovely Banfill-Locke art center in Fridley, info about which you can find here

Hope you all are staying safe and healthy, thanks for stopping by the site and I hope to inform you all of positive developments soon!

-Ian Nystrom

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Ornaments now Available for Sale on Etsy

If you’d like to purchase any of the ornaments I’ve recently added to the website you can follow the link to my Etsy page through the store tab or the link here

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Annual Member show at Banfill-Locke 2019

Oct.4 – 19 I’ll have some new pieces of dimensional wall art on view at the Banfill-locke center for the arts as part of their annual member show. I hope you’ll come on down and see my, as well as many other talented peoples work during that time!
There is an audience award as well as a jury prize so you can even vote for your favorite pieces!

*update 10/13
There actually isn’t an audience vote this year, I was mistaken about that, but I encourage everyone to go visit and see all the lovely work irregardless

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New gallery page: Ornaments and Accessories

Visitors to the site take notice there is a new page featuring all of the ornaments I’ve recently made with designs by my good friend and colleague Michael Perez (and a couple of my own).
These designs will be available on Etsy to purchase soon!

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Andover Craft and Gift Show

Selling work today at the Andover Craft and Gift show, including ALL NEW NEVER BEFORE SEEN ornament and keychain designs by my good friend Michael Perez!
if you’ve come to the site after seeing my card at the booth thank you very much for taking interest in the work. The website here is an ongoing work in progress but I’ll hopefully get some updated pictures of new work soon.
As always i’m available to contact through my email at if you have any questions, comments, or requests!

-Ian Nystrom

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Works on display as Mississippi Library, Fridley

LibraryPhotoFull_webThe good folks at the Mississippi Library in Fridley were kind enough to invite me to hang a number of pieces, which will be up on display until December 31st.
This is the first time I’ve had so many of my pieces hanging up in public at once, so I’m very excited about this.

I’m debuting a number of new work here as well and I’ll have photos of these new pieces will be up online shortly for everyone else that won’t be able to make it out in person.

Until next time,
-Ian Nystrom

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Work up at the BLCA Member show through Oct. 27

I have some pieces that are up on view along with many other talented artists at the Banfil-Locke Art Center through the end of the month in their annual member show!
I hope you’ll have a chance to stop by, it’s a wonderful historic site on rice creek, aside from art it is a great place to take in some fall color along the river.

Go pay them a visit at
6666 East River Road
Fridley, Minnesota 55432


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New work in site gallery

As summer is drawing to a close I’m taking time to document some new pieces (as well as alternate color schemes for older pieces) and get them uploaded onto the site.
The pieces i’m most excited about are the new dimension works, which I will highlight below.

Well is a simple geometric abstract, 6 layers painted PVC, using a color palette that is a personal favorite of mine. The cool aqua colors make me think of calm tidal pools.

Next is a dimension version of the Petals piece I developed earlier. 6 layers hand painted PVC.

Finally for this post we have two more versions of the dimensional Iso piece, purple and green.

Hope you all enjoy the new work, i’ll try to post more in the near future. In the meantime feel free to contact me with and questions or comments about these or any other works featured on the site.

Until next time!
-Ian Nystrom

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