Meteorite Table & Comet Stand- the prodigal sons return home!

After a year away my table and plant stand, 2nd place winner of the MCAD/Shetka Stone competition, was finally returned home.

Meteorite Table & Comet Stand

Meteorite Table & Comet Stand

The table tops of these two pieces are made from Shetka Stone, which is a product made from recycled paper. They were kind enough to donate a ton of this material to our school and sponsor a little design competition, in which I placed second. It is pretty cool stuff, you can learn more about it on their webpage, here:

Comet Stand top

Almost immediately I realized the thing I liked most about this product was the way the texture changes as you cut into it. To highlight this I used the CNC router to mill a circular depression into the center of the pieces.

Meteorite Table

Meteorite Table

This crater-like centerpiece is where the name for the Meteorite table is derived. Its companion piece, the Comet stand, which also has a milled depression, gets its name from the long tail that makes the base.

Comet plant-stand

Comet plant-stand

With these two pieces back in my hands, all of my prodigal sons have returned home!
I’m so glad to have these up on the site now as they represent the start of this exploration into stratified materials and astronomical themes.

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